Interviewer: You’re all dancing, Meryl reaches up to you and completely rips your shirt off.
Pierce: Go with the moment, go with the flow, I guess.
Interviewer: Was it planned?
Pierce: No, it wasn’t planned - I had no idea. No, I mean, we, it was, it wasn’t choreographed, I mean, this spring bursts forth and we’re all dancing and she goes a little, ah… (inhales and exhales deeply) gets very happy. You know? We both got very happy, actually.
Interviewer: I mean, when Meryl reaches up and… you know, strips you down - what are you thinking?
Pierce: (pauses) Should I do the same to her?
Interviewer: (laughs)
Pierce: I thought I had better not.

Emma & Pierce on how they would describe each other for an online profile and todays beauty standards